Trini Crew Set To Take Spice Mas By Storm in 2013!

Posted on Jun 3 2013 - 3:08pm

It’s a done deal! The question is, who’s got the stamina to handle the non stop feting action from August 9th to Carnival Tuesday, August 13? Grenada is eager to welcome all of T&T who’s set to make the trip and already some big crews have signed up for the action with Flavor De Mas and IMG Entertainment Company- arguably a team that’s got just what it takes to make this carnival experience, one that no one who makes the journey, will ever forget.

Have you heard about what they’re offering. Well, ETCETERABUZZ has, and we’ve taken them up on an offer to make the trip so we’re gonna see what we’re in for. Hopefully by the time you’ve read through their incredible packages, you too can hop on over to Grenada for Spice Mas with us! We hear there’s a lot of action in the weeks ahead. In fact, Bunji, Fay-Ann, Superblue and a few other big name acts out of Trinidad are heading over to Grenada this weekend for one of the big fetes on the island. Olatunji was in Grenada this past weekend so the fun has gotten underway and Grenada looks set to be the place to be in the weeks ahead.

Check out what the Flavour De Mas and the IMG Entertainment Company team have in store for you! If you’re interested check out the bottom flyer for contact info.


Flavor De Mas


Flavour De Mas brochure front