NYC’s HOT97 FM DJ Boasts Trini Roots- Represents Hard on Air and Across the US.

Posted on May 22 2013 - 12:50pm

He represents T&T with every breath of his being. For 24 -year-old Canadian born, US resident, DJ Young Chow, representing T&T doesn’t necessarily mean that he has to live on the island. Much like the slate of other highly motivated, unofficial ambassadors to the island of Soca, steelpan and carnival who reside abroad, this DJ has imprinted Trinidad and Tobago like a stamp of approval at every location he’s hit. Tomorrow, he’s taking things to another level. Young Chow’s taking Trinidad James to Miami and what’s likely to be the outcome, is a fusion of Trinidad and Tobago energy and vibe with some Hip Hop flavour.

Young Chow plays Soca music frequently on HOT 97 FM in NYC.

Young Chow plays Soca music frequently on HOT 97 FM in NYC.

He plays soca music on the airwaves of HOT97, in case you were wondering so if you thought for a second that there was no representation on the #1 urban station in NYC, think again. Young Chow who learnt the ropes of DJing from his father, DJ King Chow, told ETCETERABUZZ.COM that his more frequently played Soca singles are, Kees’ Wotless, Kerwin DuBois’ Bacchanal and Destra Garcia and Machel’s, It’s Carnival. He says the response has been good and since becoming a part of the frequency two years ago, the Caribbean audience has increased, undoubtedly welcoming the melodic and often uptempo vibe of the region’s soca hit makers.

Trinidad born, US rapper, Trinidad James and DJ Khaled will perform at Young Chow's event in Miami, tomorrow.  PHOTO COURTESY:

Trinidad born, US rapper, Trinidad James and DJ Khaled will perform at Young Chow’s event in Miami, tomorrow.

With an expected audience of approximately 2000 patrons tomorrow night at the Cameo Theatre in Miami Beach, Young Chow says he knows Trinidad born, US rapper, Trinidad James will bring his unique flair to the venue. “I see longevity for him, once he continues to be unique as an artiste and bring good music,” he said of James who filmed his Females Welcome video at home in Trinidad earlier this year. There’s no doubt that tomorrow night’s Miami affair will feel a hard Soca penetration when Young Chow gets behind the music console. He’s known for that, and quite frankly he attests to having developed an appreciation for T&T’s culture because of his strong Trinbagonian upbringing. “I grew up in a very cultural, Trini home- the food, the accent, the upbringing… I loved the culture and still do,” he said, adding that now, he visits Trinidad for the Carnival and even Point Fortin Borough Day celebrations. Visiting Trinidad as an adult comes natural, according to the young US trendsetter. He told us that as a child, his parents would send him to the island each and every summer.

Beyond the big event tomorrow, which will also feature DJ Khaled, Young Chow’s got his heart and head into another major Trinidad and Tobago influenced affair- his birthday bash which he coins, Red, White and Black annually. That takes place on August 9th at the Amazura in Queens. He said the event is now into its 9th year and going strong. Asked which artiste out of Trinidad and Tobago he could see making that US breakthrough soon, Young Chow immediately said Patrice Roberts. “That song, ‘A Little Wine’ could really take her to another level. The wining lyrics relate to women, no matter their nationality and she has a different kind of tone that can really break through.”

Wanna learn more about this passionate Trinidad and Tobago representative? Check out his website at and follow him on Twitter @djyoungchow.