Iwer George Did No Wrong- Contract States Promoters To Provide Permits, Says Anson George.

Posted on Jun 6 2013 - 12:39pm
Iwer George

Claims from co-promoters of a Mother’s Day event in Brooklyn New York, this past May that soca artiste Iwer George failed to appear, despite receiving a 50% downpayment, are today being disputed by George’s management. Anson George, Iwer’s manager today told ETCETERABUZZ that the allegations are simply, not true.

In our chat with George, it was revealed that Iwer’s appearance at the event was being done as more or less a favour to their friend, Edwin from VP records. The gig, dubbed a “dying show” by Anson George was being done for less than the normal figure usually presented to promoters, for the act. “We don’t even know who the promoters are, we were merely doing a favour for Edwin who asked us to do the show because the show was dying. We were trying to help out the situation,” said Anson.

Iwer George

Iwer ‘The Boss’ George

Explaining that it was the sole responsibility of the show’s promotional outfit to attain work permits for the artiste and his team, something that is indicated in their contract, Anson told us that the work permits were not ready on time and as such, they were unable to attend. He also disclosed that contractually, all down payments made to Iwer George are non-refundable. “We did change the flight dates for the tickets but this was only because Iwer had another event to perform at, here in Trinidad. We re-scheduled to a date that would still allow us enough time to get to New York in time for the show.”

Anson George told ETCETERABUZZ exclusively that they have since told the promoters they are willing to do another show for them on a future date, even agreeing to fly there at their own cost, however, judging by yesterday’s issuance of a press release on the issue by co-promoters, ‘Everybody’s Caribbean magazine’, we can safely assume that they will not be accepting this option.

Anson said he is disappointed that the situation has come to this and in light of threats of a lawsuit he says they have a contract that clearly states deposits are non refundable and work permits are to be organised by show promoters. He said often time artistes bear the pain of not being paid by promoters and it is never made a public scandal, explaining that this has in fact happened before. Asked of Iwer’s reaction to the situation, Anson told us Iwer is busy dealing with a situation that arose a couple weekends ago on his boat- the Coral Vision. “Right now, Iwer isn’t in the right frame of mind to deal with this particular issue. He’s busy with the boat,” said Anson.

Iwer George will perform across the Caribbean in the weeks ahead.

Now, here’s a look at the media release issued by Everybody’s Caribbean



Hi Readers & Concert Fans,


There is reason why we did not thank everyone earlier who attended our Mother’s Day Concert at Brooklyn College, Brooklyn, NY especially fans who came from as far as MA, CT, MD and Washington, DC.

We thank you wholeheartedly for coming to the concert. We apologize for the delay acknowledgement. Here is the explanation.

We were trying to find out the reason why Iwer George did not appear at the concert after we paid him almost 50% deposit fee, sent him the two roundtrip airline tickets from Trinidad & Tobago to NY and reserved two hotel rooms he requested in his contract and then forward you, the fan, his excuse.

Iwer George, Anson George, his manager and Larry Williams, his agent, gave us George’s travelling dates before the airline tickets were purchased. Iwer George and Anson George were booked to arrive in NY on May 9, 2013; then their agent Williams said they changed the airline tickets to May 10 and then to May 11.

Almost a month later, we have not heard from Iwer George who cashed the two checks and Anson George who created the contract on behalf of Neil Iwer George. A few days after the concert, we heard from their agent, Larry Williams, who signed the contract on Iwer Neil George and Anson George behalf stating that he was unable to contact Iwer George.

We gave them enough time to contact us. By not contacting us, we conclude that Iwer Neil George, manager Anson George and agent Larry Williams conspired to defraud us by entering into a contract, deliberately taking and cashing our checks, have us pay for two airline tickets knowing that the artist did not intend to appear.

Both checks were payable to Neil George and Neil George, better known as Iwer George, cashed them.

We had no other recourse but to take legal actions against Neil Iwer George, Anson George and Larry Williams; amongst the penalties we are requesting of the court is an injunction barring Neil Iwer George from performing in the U.S. and the USVI.

We hoped to settle the matter privately so that one artist’s thievery will not be a reflection of honest and decent calypso and soca artists. Unfortunately, Neil Iwer George, Anson George and Larry Williams have ignored us.

It’s about time one takes legal actions against corrupt calypso and soca performers and their agents who rob promoters and the public.

We do not plan to issue any more public statements.

We apologize for not presenting Iwer George as advertised and hope fans will attend next year’s concert when we will make every attempt NOT to hire dishonest, unprofessional, scrupulous and unethical performers such as Iwer George.


The co-promoters