About Us

ET-CET-ERA  in its simplest form means “AND SO ON”

For this reason, the name was chosen by company founder and director, Aba Luke, to describe the depth of the establishment’s functionality.From PR services to copyediting, broadcast and strategic marketing, Trinidad, W.I. based ET-CET-ERA The Company serves as an outlet for the production of content that serves numerous purposes.

Established in 2007, the one woman media powerhouse has provided impeccable service to a number of entities, among them artistes and entertainers, event promoters, guest houses, newspapers and ad agencies.

The company’s goal is to globalise the many facets of Trinidad and Tobago, and to a certain degree, Caribbean culture, essentially broadening the target demographics for a number of local and caribbean entertainers, brands and ultimately business outlets.

It is our greatest belief that quality and promise lies within T&T and the Caribbean, however without proper exposure, branding and overall marketing, much is yet to be discovered.

Via the ET-CET-ERA BUZZ, ET-CET-ERA The Company plans on persuading truthfully so that more eyes, ears and thoughts will focus on what lies within T&T and the Caribbean.